Open Up is an album of original multi-layered piano music, created through a mixture of composition, improvisation, and orchestration. Every part was recorded on – or inside – an acoustic grand piano, followed by detailed mixing and layering to achieve a multi-dimensional experience through repetition and fragmentation. Released July 2021.

Elements of Open Up intensely grab the attention of the listener… layers, patterns, motifs interlacing each other creating a sort of crazy musical quilt… it is pentatonic percussive music, and it grooves.”

Doug Thomas, Composer

Track Notes

  1. People Watching – dynamic track with driving energy. Watch the video here.
  2. Believe – anthem about determination and believing in yourself.
  3. The Hill We Climb – lyrical track, inspired by Amanda Gorman’s fabulous inauguration poem from January 2021. Solo piano score coming soon.
  4. Just Keep Going – upbeat track that starts with chorale-like chords, then builds after the beat starts to multi-layered anthemic music.
  5. Lockdown Boogie – fast boogie-woogie-inspired workout for the left hand! Solo piano score coming soon.
  6. Anticipation – post-minimalist track that builds energy through overlapping pulsating fragments of music, with lots of distortion and resonance added to the mix.
  7. Whale Song – slow and sad track, inspired by an old wildlife documentary about declining wildlife populations. Solo piano score coming soon. Watch the video here.
  8. Relentless – neoclassical track that pulsates with energy and builds an quasi-orchestral texture through layering with expansive percussive sounds from the piano strings.
  9. Storm – short, energetic track, inspired by an epic storm. Solo piano score coming soon. Watch the video here.
  10. Falling Light – peaceful track, inspired by shards of sunlight falling between the forest trees. Solo piano score coming soon. Watch the video here.
  11. Without Voice – the longest and most musically complex track on the album, with distinct sections and some surprising harmonic changes; originally composed as a song about speaking up for those who can’t speak up for themselves.

All tracks written and recorded by Caroline Wright, with thanks to Duncan Chave for mastering assistance. Buy the album at Bandcamp.